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Silver Response

Silver Response

A change is needed, claimed David Vršecký after the cup race. If the change really happened in the pause between the two races, then it was a substantial change for the better.

Immediately after start David overtook Östreich to grasp the third rank. Three laps later he devoured the Finn Makinen and found himself ranking second. "The overtaking of the constantly blocking Finn excited me a lot," revealed David, who followed the leading German pilot Reinert after the manoeuvre. But instead of a duel for the lead he had to defend the second rank against the attacking Albacete. In the ninth lap an unheard of moment came. White smoke first surged out of Bösiger´s truck and then the truck began to burn. Yellow flags appeared over the circuit. Eventually the situation was finally resolved by the red flag. Östreich, like Albacete before him, did not pay attention to the hazard on the circuit and risked a lot to overtake David. This resulted in a horrible collision after which the organizers decided about premature finishing of the race. At that moment David ranked second! "I am quite shocked. First I was overtaken by Albacete with the yellow flags over the circuit, and then the same was done by Östreich. I am glad for the result. And especially that my truck went out of the collision without a major damage," assessed David the progress of the race. Yuri Yegorov repeated his result from the cup race and ranked tenth.

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