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Silver Show

Silver Show

David Vršecký ranked second in the final race at the Navarra circuit. In this case again applied the saying: All is well that ends well, Navarra quite good!

In the course of the dramatic race David only had to give up his duel with his former team mate Markus Bösiger. After a good start he ranked third and his silver rank was decided in the fourth lap where he overtook René Reinert. "The truck, especially the brakes, were being repaired till the very last moment. It was not an easy race," said David after the race. "After having overtaken Reinert I rushed forward as quickly as I was able to. Behind me the group Östreich, Kiss, Hahn, Albacete and Lacko prepared for an attack and these boys are always better to keep far from the truck." David did not think of potential victory in the race. "The difference between the first and the second rank is a single point, therefore excessive risk is not worth it. And I know from my own experience that when it is Markus ´s strong day he is undefeatable. I am satisfied with the result."

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