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Simply Wonderful!

Simply Wonderful!

David Vršecký could hardly have wished a better entry to the second day of the racing weekend in Zolder. Following the best lap time in the time practice he also controlled the super pole.

Thus David won his first pole position in this season, in addition in a rarely seen manner, achieving a nearly half a second advantage over the second Östreich. Apart from that, like yesterday, the pilots will enter the first curve one by one in the order of ranking of the time practice, which will eliminate the post-start mess. "I felt it would be good but did not expect such an advantage," said the visibly satisfied Vršecký after the practice. The tactics for the race are clear. "In the past three seasons I never left Zolder without a cup race podium. I hope I exhausted my portion of bad luck yesterday and the tradition will be maintained.."

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