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Petr Bosnakov - 23.08.2021

Slovak mission accomplished

The weekend was marked by another ESET Cup race for motorsport fans, with the Slovakiaring circuit being the scene of a battle for trophies and points. Despite the dramatic moments, Buggyra certainly did not lose out in the strong competition.


Slovak mission accomplished

Yasmeen out of the round
Unfortunately, the opening day was over for Yasmeen Koloc, starting in a Renault Clio special. In the first race, she got caught in a press between two cars and was out of chances. "I'm biased, I'm seething with emotion, anyway, when I commented in relation to Aliyyah on the efforts of some men to take out their frustrations on a 17-year-old girl, I had no idea that Yasmeen would soon be experiencing the same," stated Martin Koloc in sharing a video of the incident. Although mechanics eventually got the Clio back together, Yasmeen did not enter Sunday's race. "A mild concussion has been diagnosed. Yasmeen now has to get herself together for the race in Brno, in which she will be driving the Mercedes AMG - GT4 together with David Vršecký," added Martin Koloc.


David Vršecký then took third place in the sprint race in the aforementioned Mercedes, after the race he did not hide his satisfaction. "It could always be better, but otherwise it was good. I've tried some things, I'm quite interested to see how the data from the testing we did before the races confronts the sharp data," David guessed at the finish line, to then take part in the endurance race with Aliyyah. "Aliyyah ran really well, passing in second place and we finished second overall." "Second place, can't help it, hopefully we'll do better," Aliyyah added with a laugh.   


Good job
Due to Yasmeen's non-participation, the Buggyra sprint was the focus of Aliyyah Koloc's participation on Sunday. In the end, it turned out to be a repeat of David Vršecký's result on Saturday. "Practically, I can only confirm what David said. The Mercedes AMG - GT4 is a car that is a lot of fun and teaches me not to drive on the edge and I am a disciplined driver. As long as Yasmeen is cool," Aliyyah said after the race.
"Leaving aside the Yasmeen incident, I am happy. David is clear, the girls are running consistent times, they are improving their tyre work, their riding is more confident. There is no rush, but they are definitely moving towards the professional series," Martin Koloc summed up the weekend.


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