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Petr Bošnakov - 09.05.2017

Slovenia for the First Time…

Slovenia for the First Time…

The Austrian Red Bull Ring will house the opening stage of this season of the European Race Truck Championship over the coming weekend. The weekend will at the same time become the premiere truck race for Slovenia, for the colours of the Buggyra Racing team will for the first time in truck racing history be represented by a Slovenian pilot, Alen Draganovic.

Thus Buggyra will for the first time engage in the truck championship a pilot with zero experience in racing with the five-tonne monsters. “Although this may look mad at first sight, this variant is ideal from our point of view. A couple of races will feature David Vršecký after a year of absence as part of the long-term team strategy and no experienced pilot with the ambition to score a good overall result would agree with the alternating starts,“ explains Jan Kalivoda. “Alen was recommended to use by the former European champion in uphill races and a successful trucker Niko Pulich. We have agreed on everything so far and so I believe in successful cooperation.“

According to Adam Lacko the young Slovenian pilot does not have to be absolutely without chances for a result in his “testing” season. “He clearly quite successfully participated in uphill races. His ambitions for this season are not high, he would rather like to test the environment and views trucks with the appropriate “cap in hand” approach. His testing performance keeps improving but a “live” race is something completely different.“ Adam considers the Red Bull Ring a very good circuit for a beginner. “The track is easy, four curves. This will be much better for Alen than to begin for example in Misano.“

Alen Draganovic himself is still very reserved. “I do know something about truck racing from Niko Pulic, and my first impressions of Buggyra were extraordinary. I would never believe that a truck as big as this is able to so sensitively respond to every slight movement of the steering wheel, so fantastically accelerate and brake. I am looking forward to the Red Bull Ring but my aim will be to learn my first lesson. This season is about forming my relation to trucks, so I will be grateful for any good result.“

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