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Slow Start!

Slow Start!

Rainy weather and wet circuit affected the results of the opening two free practice sessions at the beginning of the Czech Grand Prix in Most. David Vršecký opened his racing weekend with the tenth best lap time improved by a rank in the second round.

The newcomer Michal Matějovský, for whom the Most weekend will be his truck racing premiere, ranked seventeenth both times. Both pilots, however, firmly believe in meteorological forecasts and a better tomorrow. "I spoke to David and Michal. They agreed that considering the weather there was no point in testing the destiny and ending for example like Altenstrasser years ago, who was thrown off the circuit on Friday, and that ended his chances for the whole racing weekend. They warmed up their trucks at peace, studied some data and all will start tomorrow for them," revealed the team manager Jan Kalivoda.

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