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Petr Bošnakov - 16.07.2020

So far so good for French mission

After busy weeks for Buggyra, that included breaking speed world records by Aliyyah Koloc and introducing the Buggyra Air project, its truck team is currently in France.


So far so good for French mission

Following the first tests at Albi, the team has moved to a fast and dangerous circuit at Nogaro. However, the Buggyra team has fond memories of the place, after taking its first-ever one-two finish there thanks to Gerd Körber and David Vršecký back in 2003. “We had lengthy discussions about the circuits. As for Adam, he’s going to do well anywhere. Téo test at Nogaro regularly and he also does a French cup. But we were wondering whether it might be a bit too difficult for Aliyyah. However, in the end, Martin’s argument that the more complicated circuit, the better for Aliyyah, has won,” explained David Vršecký.


Martin Koloc, as a team boss and a father at the same time, is happy with the way this French mission is going. “Adam is working well, he’s helping his younger colleagues and pushes them forward. While with Téo it’s clear that he knows the circuit well, Aliyyah is getting better and better with every lap.” And Koloc sees that despite her rapid introduction into the world of truck racing, she has both feet on the ground. “Aliyyah knows that speed records are one thing, but racing is completely another. She has a lot to learn. Look at David, we took him away after 1998 season and he was testing for three years. Since then, a lot has changed, the simulators are somewhere else. Yet, two 20-minute sessions are not good enough for anyone to learn a circuit. On the other hand, if Aliyyah has at least one advantage, it's time.”

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