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Luboš Veselý - 10.01.2019

Šoltys Above Personal Maximum- Stage Three Cursed for Kolomý

 Šoltys Above Personal Maximum- Stage Three Cursed for Kolomý

Martin Šoltys finished the extremely demanding third stage with seventh rank, thus achieving his best Dakar result so far. Martin Kolomý had to repair broken cardan and his crew decided to spend night in the dunes. Further continuation of Kolomý in the race will be decided after their arrival in the bivouac.


“Good news first: We are very pleased by Martin Šoltys and his exceptionally good result represented by his seventh stage rank. The whole team are very happy about that. The crew proceeds according to the plan, and finishes every stage, with two Top Ten stage ranks out of three stages, which is super,“ was the evaluation of the to-date performance of Šoltys and his crew in the race by the team  manager Jan Kalivoda. “The third stage must have been very demanding, as a lot of favourites have gained big losses. Martin Kolomý, unfortunately, got stuck about 100 km after start where his new cardan broke and the repair consumed a lot of time. Thus the buys had to spend night in the dunes. Now they are on the way to the bivouac but with little chances to start the next, fourth stage. We consider making use of the new development of this Dakar and rejoin the race again on Sunday for classification for the second half of the race. As if the third stage was cursed for Martin n the recent years,“ stated Jan Kalivoda on Thursday morning.


Martin Šoltys was shining with happiness after arrival in the finish. It was because of his seventh stage rank, equalling to his best result of all in the to-date Dakar career. “I am very glad we are in the finish for today was really demanding. Very quick tempo in places, or battles with huge dunes in others, and all took place in quite high altitudes. I would like to express my warmest thanks to the mechanics, who had to work on my Tatra for the whole night, but prepared it excellently. The seventh rank is also their merit, for the most part,“ rejoiced the eleventh-raking pilot overall, on Wednesday defeating such Dakar icons as the winners of many stages, De Rooy and Van Genugten (Iveco) of the Netherlands.

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