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Luboš Veselý - 14.01.2019

Šoltys Jumps into Second Half with Sixth Stage Rank! Kolomý Ranks Second in “Small Dakar“

Šoltys Jumps into Second Half with Sixth Stage Rank! Kolomý Ranks Second in “Small Dakar“

The Tatra Buggyra Racing team celebrated an extremely successful entry to the second half of the Dakar Rally race. Martin Šoltys finished the stage as the best Czech pilot with the sixth rank, thus exceeding his absolute to-date maximum. This moved him up to the eighth overall rank. Martin Kolomý finished the sixth stage as the second best in the half-marathon ranking.


Martin Šoltys could not hide satisfaction in the finish. “I am extremely happy. The stage was hard and we picked up a large portion of bad luck. Since kilometre one hundred we noticed failures of the instrumentation and engine charging. Thanks to that we made a navigation mistake and set off along a little non-standard trail. We had to stop and found a disconnected alternator wire. There we lost some time. The boys then had to push the Tatra down the hill to be able to start the engine again, but we managed. And towards the end we had a small incident with Kolomajz. When descending from a dune, after jumping over its crest, we could see Martin standing behind a Maz, and I had little time to react. I wanted to bypass him on the left but the valley was steep and I was pulled down towards him. So I hit Martin with my rear bumper. I sincerely apologise to him and to all mechanics for adding more work to all of them which they would not have to do if it were not for my bump,“ assessed the eighth pilot of the interim ranking the thrilling sixth stage.


Martin Kolomý could also be satisfied. “It is very interesting, for this Small Dakar is one for all categories so we ride out there together with the “minis” and the buggies. Today we pressed the accelerator so hard that just one Mini car was in front of us. The organizers prepared beautiful terrain, big dunes difficult to ride over. Some slopes were nearly impossible to climb, but we did it. Both trucks are in the finish, which is super. We had a small accident with Martin near the end. A little before the finish a Maz was standing in front of me on the road. So I stopped in order not to hit him and switched on the warning lights. Suddenly I could hear an engine roaring, Marťas accelerating down the hill. A bang, we leaped forward, but nothing big. Both of us then continued towards the finish. Dakar is mainly about gathering experience,“ described Martin Kolomý the same situation from his side.


”This was a rather extreme stage. I think the demand keeps increasing, which is super and also an integral part of Dakar. The boys had a small contact out there today, especially Martin Šoltys was quite sad about it.  But Dakar is in the first place about experience which is lessons to learn for next time. For me the most important thing is that both trucks are in the finish. Martin´s eighth interim rank is super.  We go on tomorrow,“ summarised the sixth stage, so successful for the team, the manager Jan Kalivoda.

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