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Luboš Veselý - 16.01.2019

Šoltys Makes a Gentlemanly Gesture but Withdraws from Race. Martin Kolomý Ranks Third in “Small Dakar”

Šoltys Makes a Gentlemanly Gesture but Withdraws from Race. Martin Kolomý Ranks Third in “Small Dakar”

The crew of Martin Šoltys did not return in time for the start of the eighth stage after a night in the dunes and thus had to terminate their participation in Dakar Rally 2019 prematurely. Martin Kolomý ranked third in the Semi-Marathon ranking.


Martin Šoltys was held back by thick fog on his return from the giant dunes. Then he helped the organizers return two buried trucks on wheels on the way. “The seventh racing stage was hard, but which is not. This Dakar simply does not include any easy stage. The first about a hundred and fifty kilometres the truck suffered a lot in the river basin and jumping over boulders. We were aching all over. But then we arrived in the dune field and were quite successful. We had no problem until kilometre 220 where we rode over a huge dune behind which we were buried. When we tried to get out our half-axis broke and a tyre blew out. The digging out and the repair took us about four hours. As it was already dark at eight in the evening we decided to continue after daybreak in the morning, thinking that we would return in time for the start of the next stage. Unfortunately, the fog was so thick in the morning that we could see less that a meter around us and so we waited for at least some minimum visibility. After about an hour we moved forward a little and met the organizers who led our way out of the dunes. We helped return two buried truck on the wheels on the way, probably left there from the previous stage, and having spent a night in the dunes. We learned a hard lesson but it is great experience and I believe all bad will turn into good one day,“ stated Martin Šoltys.


Martin Kolomý enjoyed stage eight. ”The morning was quite poor for there was also fog around us and for forty kilometres we could hardly see two meters in front of our truck. We had to look for the way and could not drive fast. But then we probably approached the sea level more and the weather conditions improved so we accelerated and began to enjoy the ride. Today´s stage was fine for me, as there were many dunes out there and quick pistas, and that is what I like. Our Tatra worked well so I am satisfied with everything. Somewhere at kilometre two hundred there was a buried Renault, pulling it out took us some five minutes. Otherwise all is well, I am glad we can continue after all and the third rank in today´s stage of the “small” Dakar is nice.“

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