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Spanish Cup for Lacko, Suffering for Vršecký

Spanish Cup for Lacko, Suffering for Vršecký

In the third race of the weekend Adam Lacko ended with another cup at the Spanish Race Truck Championship and with the fifth overall rank in the European scoring. David Vršecký struggled with adhesion and ranked sixth in the end.

The Sunday programme at the Spanish circuit in Navarra started at nine am with the warm-up. The time practice one hour later was more decisive, though. Both Lacko and Vršecký advanced to the Super pole. Although the colder weather in the morning allowed both Czech truckers to sped up their lap times nevertheless were not better than for the third row in the starting grid. Like on Saturday Adam Lacko was quicker.

The start of the first Sunday cup race was quite calm. Both Lacko and Vršecký watched their positions after the first curve. The fifth Adam bravely chased Jochen Hahn, but in the course of the whole twelve laps did not find a way to overtake the German trucker. David developed a slight loss behind his team mate but complained about adhesion of his truck in the finish.

"I had absolutely no grip. Whenever I accelerated I began to slip. We have to do something about it before the second race,“ said Vršecký after the race where he eventually ranked sixth.

Although Lacko tightly followed the third Bösiger and the fourth Hahn, this was not enough for an attack this time. "I was looking for an opportunity to make the pilots in front of me nervous and have them make mistakes, which would allow me to attack them, but they resisted successfully. I am glad at least for the score for the second rank in the Spanish championship,“ said Lacko about the race.

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