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Speed and Design!

Speed and Design!

Even though this year ´s truck racing championship, whose opening race is again scheduled for Assen, the Netherlands, after many years, is only to begin in three months, the staff of the Roudnice Buggyra Technology Centre works hard on development of the new racing special for the 2009 season! It is because the saying about sleeping on the laurels also applies to the races of the quickest trucks of the Old Continent!

Like in the previous seasons the racing engineers have opted for the time-tested strategy of confrontation of the new and the old special data. “At the end of every season we say to ourselves that we have reached the end of the way. Some time at the beginning of February we always come to the joint conclusion that we were wrong and that if you pay a little effort you can always find a reserve,” was the information about he current state of affairs provided by the racing engineer Robin Dolejš. "I dare say that one of the greatest advantages of our team is the ability of the drivers to cooperate on the new truck development. And what is even more important is that the opinions of David, Gerd and Markus are identical in the essential points. And so their advice is not like tossing about between barriers." As during the past season technical difficulties only caused a single withdrawal from a race (Markus in Nogaro), the efforts of the engineers and drivers has mainly focused on acceleration. "Regarding the maximum speed limit of 160 km/hr we move within the defined limits but despite that we believe we have reached certain progress again. We will now more after the testing," added Dolejš. The team, under the guidance of team manager Jan Kalivoda, has also worked on changes of the design of the racing specials. "We are viewing the records from Brazil and confronting them with our records. Their trucks look aggressive, predatory, and yet every single advertisement is clearly visible and legible. I should say that despite all the progress in the area of design we have still been quite conservative. By mid March the design proposals will be ready and then the decision-making process leading to the final version will be launched."

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