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Milan Bydžovský - 04.01.2020

Stamps collected! The calm before the storm for Buggyra

Stamps collected! The calm before the storm for Buggyra

The final days before the Dakar Rally are always the same, no matter where the race is held. All the Buggyra Racing team members have collected every necessary stamp and now they are allowed to participate. The Dakar Rally begins today with a ceremonial start.


Both, the administrative and technical, scrutineerings are always stressful for the whole team. There was very little time between arriving at Saudi Arabia and having to prepare everything for every team member – no matter whether it is a driver, a mechanic or a media representative – and whatever they might need over next two weeks. “These days are difficult, and I think that everybody can’t wait for the race to actually begin. Then, there won’t be time for anything at all anymore,” said Jan Kalivoda with a smile. “I’m curious about the ceremonial start. It looks good so far. I think the biggest difference to South America will be in a number of people attending. Not so many people here know much about the Dakar, unlike in South America. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer with its terrain,” he added.


“Our vehicles were perfectly prepared, so the organisers just wanted to see all the safety elements. Also, there was a sealing of the restrictor that takes in the air into the engine, which was not easy for the organisers, but everything was managed just in time. Now, we’re just waiting for the competition to begin and to add first race kilometres on Sunday,” said Josef Macháček.


The ceremonial start for the 42nd edition of Dakar Rally is set for Saturday afternoon. The first Buggyra crew will be introduced on the podium at 18:58 CET – Josef Macháček and Vlastimil Tošenovský with Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS special. At 20:18 CET, it will be time for Tatra Phoenix truck with Martin Šoltys, David Schovánek and Tomáš Šikola.

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