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Successful Finish

Successful Finish

Even though David started the last handicap race from the eighth starting position as the winner of the cup race, he eventually ranked fifth. Thus he added to his score 26 points on Sunday!

Despite the Saturday zero in the cup race David thus overcome his original plan with which he arrived in Belgium by two points. He could only boast of a better one-day score in the season 2011, when in Le Mans of Saturday he scored 27 points. "I started the race with the idea that I needed to finish the race and score at least four points. And this was indeed the case. In addition I was told that nobody had won more points today and so I became the Sunday winner," reacted Vrša to the incredible results of the second day of the Zolder racing weekend. In the course of the handicap race he systematically moved forward. He prepared the legendary cherry on the Sunday cake for the ninth lap where he overtook Adam Lacko on the outside of the track (!!!). "Adam probably had to face some issue with his truck, other wise I cannot find an explanation for this. But this is also what our sport is about. I only hope I will repeat this Sunday some other time. Ideally as soon as in Jarama."

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