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Successful Finish

Successful Finish

The last performance of David Vršecký at the Nürburgring circuit also ended with the fourth rank. Overall, in Germany only Albacete and Hahn remained better than him.

David started from the third row and found himself ranking seventh after a violent start. "I was glad I survived without damage. But I felt quite well and immediately started planning my way forward," revealed Vršecký after the race. "I was strongly motivated by having Bösiger and Lacko in front of me, as I believed I was able to manage them. "This self-confident statement was proved correct in the following laps. Markus visibly acquiesced with the state of the affairs and his resistance was not too excessive. The same situation surprisingly came at the entry to the final straight of the eleventh lap where David overtook Adam Lacko without trouble by a crystal clear manoeuvre. "Regarding what was happening in the previous races I am obviously very pleased. But for me the most important thing is that thanks to some changes we are the only make that has managed to reduce the brutal technological advantage of MAN."

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