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Successful rehearsal before Most. Buggyra returned to the podium at the Nürburgring

German circuit Nürburgring offered during weekend a big truck show and the Buggyra ZM Racing team was one of the main protagonists. The last race of Goodyear FIA ETRC championship before summer break meant silver trophy for Adam Lacko and return to the leading of Promoter’s Cup for Téo Calvet. Before the next race at Most this is all good news.


Successful rehearsal before Most. Buggyra returned to the podium at the Nürburgring

„It was our weekend. We all are tired but the team did a gret job. Adam was on the podium. Téo was on the podium. The team was on the podium,“ reminded manager Fabien Calvet another three trophies for Buggyra in team classification.

Stands at circuit in Ardenas were after two years waiting full. Adam Lacko showed fans his skills in the very first race on Saturday. After start from second position left no one in doubt that this time he does not want to leave the racing weekend without a trophy. While leader Norbert Kiss confirmed his phenomenal form, the Czech matador held off the onrushing group of attackers led by Sascha Lenze and crossed the finish line second.

„Prize for second place from the main event is even more valuable if it came from Nürburgring. Since the third lap the brakes were over 600 degrees Celsius and I had to watch my back a lot. But I was successful and I can be very satisfied," said a smiling Lacko at the finish line.

He completed a successful Saturday with additional points for sixth place in a race with a reversed order of the top eight: "I somehow was not involved in the drama at the start and was fifth. Kiss followed me for half of the race then I braked a little late and got in front of me. Even sixth place is good. Every point counts."

Also in Sunday's main race Lacko was battling for podium. But on the end of finish line of the first round there was braking, which resulted in the final fifth place. Adam's fight with Kiss for third place in the last run was similarly unlucky.

"I managed to keep Norbi behind me for a long time, but in the end he beat me. Then I entered the finish line in a clinch with Steffi Halm, she literally pushed on me," the experienced competitor described the finish, in which he was only a blink of an eye away from the German lady. 

In the overall standings Lacko is fourth with 122 points. "It was a great weekend in which I gained a lot of important points."

21-year-old Téo Calvet showed from the first race that he is really serious about returning to the lead of the Promoter's Cup. He took astonishing pace from the start and came for the first full point gained from this German weekend.

"I kept a very good pace throughout the whole race. I've built up a lead from the other guys, so I drove almost the whole time alone," said the satisfied Frenchman who claimed second place overall.

Even a small push at the start of the second race, when he received a blow from one of his opponents, did not put Téo off. He stood on the podium again in the Promoter’s Cup celebrating second place. "I had a great start but I was on the outside. One of the trucks didn't brake and hit me. Nevertheless I am satisfied with the result," said Téo Calvet.

Sunday went like the same for Téo. He won the Promoter's Cup in the main race and finished second in the handicap race. What did that mean for the standings? Calvet became the leader again.

"I am delighted with the results from the Nürburgring. I learned a lot here. I'm happy to be back in charge of the Promoter's Cup. So we'll see what Most will bring," he said.

Goodyear FIA ETRC season will continue on 3rd and 4th September in the north of Bohemia. "Now we will all rest in order to perform our best in Most on the 30th anniversary of the Czech Truck Prix," Adam Lacko promises to the fans.

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