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Successful Start!

Successful Start!

Yesterday the Dakar race actually started in the end. The crew of the green Tatra 509, with David Vršecký as the co-pilot, did a good job, ranking sixth in the crowded truck category after the first day!

Even though the section from Buenos Aires to Victoria was a transfer section, the whole Czech Dakar Team worked on the trucks at the end of the day. "Marek Spáčil holds the opinion that there is never enough work on the trucks and to we worked all night," revealed the racing engineer of Buggyra Robin Dolejš, a member of the accompanying team. "In addition we met Fabien Calvet, for whom the bivouac in Victoria was the greatest luxury of the whole Dakar. Looking at the background of the race you can see visible differences between the individual factory team from the whole world. The amounts of money some brands are ready to invest in the appropriate luxury of their crews at Dakar are incredible." David Vršecký is happy with the interim sixth ranking. "I can see Marek is very experienced and possesses a sense of driving under unusual conditions. I try not to disturb him too much," said David laughing. "Monday will be about something else. We will drive from Córdoba to San Miguel de Tucumán, most of the route situated in the typical South American bush, i.e. a completely different surface that what we have been used to so far."

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