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Petr Bošnakov - 26.06.2019

Sunday Hungaroring = Professional Debacle!

Sunday Hungaroring = Professional Debacle!

Multiplied alibis or “mere” total incompetence? This is exactly the formulation of the question suggested by the Sunday conduct of the manager of the second stage of this European Truck Racing Championship at Hungaroring.

Right before the beginning of the first race a light shower let the manager decide for the “wet start”, which means in practice the first two laps under the guidance of yellow flags with prohibited overtaking. The spectators thus must accept a weak hush of the originally promising dramatic race. “Considering that the organizers boast of organising Formula 1 races this is absolute horror, a professional debacle,” was the view of the action voiced by the mentor of the Buggyra Academy and the Buggyra Racing team Martin Koloc.”As I know very well what racing is about, nobody with a bit of common sense can blame me for finding pleasure in crashes and destroyed vehicles. But truck racing is a contact sport and the races are held not for an official to check off a completed racing weekend, but for the visitors to have something to look at.“

The double champion of the Old Continent in 1995 – 1996 was not alone with his view, the same opinion was held y his long-term rival, also double Old Continent champion (1999,2001), Lutz Bernau. The German pilot, this time again working for Antonio Albacete, was, by the way, together with Martin Koloc, the author of the legendary crash, when in Thruxton in 1997 their trucks, clinched together, flew over the crash barriers. “We talked together in the press centre, and suddenly the yellow flags. First we thought it a practical joke, but then we agreed that if somebody decided to kill attractive racing, then his attempt had exactly that result.“

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