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Luboš Veselý - 07.07.2019

Sunday with Potato Taste; Lacko Reaches Towards Podium

Sunday with Potato Taste; Lacko Reaches Towards Podium

On Sunday at Slovakiaring Adam Lacko ranked fourth twice, advancing to the same rank in the overall classification of the championship, with a minimum loss after the podium rank holders. Oly Janes increased his advantage in the lead of Grammer Cup. The Buggyra team returned to the third rank in the Constructors´ Cup.




Adam Lacko qualified to the first race of the weekend with the fourth best lap time. “I felt an improvement since yesterday, the boys had worked hard on the truck overnight and the change was noticeable. I have only missed the third best lap time by less than seven hundredths of a second, which is a pity, but I am satisfied nevertheless. I will see how successful I will be at the start of the race,” said Adam after the time practice.


Oly Janes, the leader of Grammer Cup, ranked eleventh in the first time practice of the weekend. “It is great pity. I tried to squeeze the maximum from the truck and reach to the Super Pole. It was a near miss and I hope to work for more in the race.“



The opening race of the weekend was interrupted in the very first lap when the German pilot Kursim flew off the circuit. After the restart Adam forced his way to the third rank from these he kept attacking the second ranking Halm for the rest of the race. “I am satisfied with the third rank. After the trouble at Hungaroring I am back where I belong. Maybe if there had been one more lap I would have overtaken Steffi after all. But as people say, if your sister is your aunt and your mother marries your uncle you are your own grandpa. I already look forward to the second race,“ said Lacko.


Oly Janes scored his best rank so far, ranking seventh. Thus he will start for the second race for the first time in his truck racing career from the first row of the starting grid. “Excellent, I am overenthusiastic. I qualified for the eleventh starting position in the race but managed to get forward. The start from the first row is a great challenge, I will see how I can cope with it,“ said Oly.



Adam Lacko started the handicap race from the sixth starting position. After a dramatic finish he eventually achieved another podium rank. “In the course of the first lap we exchanged ranks all the time, I ranked fifth, then sixth, and finally settled right below the podium ranks. In the last lap I successded with an overtaking manoeuvre and advanced over Kiss up to the podium,” said Lacko, reducing his loss after the medal ranks to five score points.


Oly Janes, after the excellent first race, faced a good portion of bad luck in the second, represented by broken tyre after a collision with Lenz. “It is a great pity. Immediately after start I and Sasha contacted each other, and he broke my rear tyre. So I began to lose one rank after another. I am glad to have reached the finish after all, for the tyre threatened to fall off all the race. I hope this was the end of my bad luck for this weekend and tomorrow I will be able to try hard again,” stated Oly, already ranking eleventh in the overall ranking.




Adam Lacko improved his Saturday result with the third best lap time. But before start of the first Sunday race the jury issued a controversial decision. After a chaos on the part of the track commissioners and several incorrectly reported "Penalty Markers", i.e. skittle hitting, they mixed up times from both parts of the time practice for some incomprehensible reasons. A couple of pilots paid for this, including Adam. He thus had to start from the less beneficial fourth starting position, instead of the third. “I am absolutely confused about this, they make great mess in it here. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many recent messes of this kind, and the party that has to pay for that is us the pilots, who cannot be blamed for the mess. But I can do nothing about the decision. I will have to cope with it and see what I can do about it in the race,“ said Adam.


Oly Janes experienced a very successful weekend in Slovakia. In the Sunday time practice he advanced to his premiere Super Pole, where he eventually ranked tenth. “I am pleased. I tried to get to the second part of the time practice since the beginning of the season, with often just a little missing bit. Today I have succeeded, for the first time. I feel to improve more and more and so does my performance, I look forward to the race.“



Adam started for the third cup race of the weekend from the fourth starting position, due to the controversial decision of the jury. And he finished the race with the same rank. “I still cannot understand that. To start from the third and the fourth position makes a big difference at this circuit. If you start from the fourth position like me now, you get to the outer side in the first curve without a chance to advance forward. Steffi made use of the inside trail and got in front of me. I attacked her for the rest of the race but she managed to defend her rank. I will have to work harder in the last race,“ expressed Lacko his feelings.


Oly Janes ranked tenth in the first Sunday race. “Another score point to the overall scoring but I hoped for more. I am happy with the second rank in the Grammer Cup, where I also need to collect points and keep the overall lead. I wonder what the last race will be like, the sky is overcast and maybe there will even be some rain.“



The last race of the weekend did not bring much thrill. Adam Lacko improved his starting position and for a second time received the “potato” medal. “We had to change tyres before the race for one was much destroyed and might get torn off in the race. But the road was slippery for me and I found it difficult to reach the leading three. I eventually managed in the last lap and crossed the finish line side by side with Sasha. Pity, it there has been one more lap I am sure I would have overtaken him,“ was Adam Lacko´s view of the last race. “I am satisfied with the weekend overall, although I cannot understand some decisions of the race management. But we have to cope and work hard to overcome them. I have managed to advance to the fourth overall rank, with just 5 points to catch up with the third ranking Kiss. Now we head towards Germany where I plan to return to the podium, so I will see.


Oly Janes crossed the finish line ranking tenth in the final race of the weekend. “Another top ten rank for me, that is what matters most. I must proceed step by step. I have again managed to increase my advantage in the lead of the Grammer Cup. So leave Slovakia satisfied.“

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