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Taking Shortcut through Forest Kolomý Ranked Seventh

Taking Shortcut through Forest Kolomý Ranked Seventh

In the last but one stage from Termas Rio Hondo to Rosario Martin Kolomý achieved excellent seventh rank with just a minimum loss after the winner of the stage. Not only the crew of Fat Boy found themselves off the track twice, but also the assistance vehicle of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team faced great trouble. Today the Dakar participants will cover the very last four hundred kilometres.

Today ´s stage again shoed the trend of the current Dakar Rally to approach the style of the WRC championship, i.e. very quick special. The number of the racing kilometres is reduced every year and the differences between the individual results are smaller or even minimal. This has also been confirmed by this year ´s Dakar. Except for the stages in the dunes the racing specials ride close to the maximum speed limits and the differences between the times of the first ten ranking crews range between minutes and not hours like it used to be in the past. 


In the twelfth of the total thirteen stages the Russians only watched their dominance of this year and controlled the opponents. The winner was again the Dutch pilot Stacey, who is still close to the fifth ranking Sotnikov. Martin Kolomý, like the Russians, subordinated his performance to the objective to maintain the seventh overall rank, but this did not mean his driving at half steam. It is not easy to keep the tempo of the Dutchmen who have nothing to lose and take maximum risk. Martin flew through the stage on the seventh rank with just a two-minute loss after the winner and easily maintained his overall seventh rank. Aleš Loprais made his situation before the last stage difficult losing a lot and threatening his fourth overall rank. 


"Again a terribly quick stony stage. The tempo is close to extreme. Stacey often exceeds the reasonable speed limits. We also drive as quickly as we can but cannot afford the same risk. Sometimes our strategy dos not pay back completely, like today when we left the track and rushed through a small forest. On the other hand the truck still holds together and we continue," was the description of yesterday ´s progress of the race in the words of Kolomý.


Dakar is not only about the racing specials, also placing extreme stress on the accompanying technology. This was shown in the course of yesterday ´s stage when the accompanying Tatra broke down and also the journalist Toyota got into trouble. In order not to threaten the necessary servicing of the racing FAT BOY the first stage of the servicing took place in the fields 450 km from the Rosario bivouac. Immediately after that the racing special Tatra 815 Buggyra continued towards the bivouac and part of the mechanics began work on putting the accompanying special back to operation. "First we had to find the boys in the 900 km long transfer route and now we will see what to do with their vehicle. The racing special is the top priority, though. We managed to perform the basic service of it right after arrival and now we are going to repair the accompanying Tatra. This looks like another sleepless night,“ described the difficult situation the technical director Robin Dolejš.


"Every such problem is multiplied by the Dakar environment. It is not like when your car breaks at home and you drive to the nearest service shop. At Dakar your car breaks 500 km away from the bivouac in the middle of fields and if you do not manage today your bivouac will move another 400 km away from you to Buenos Aires tomorrow,“ added to Dolejš ´s account the team manager Jan Kalivoda.


Just a little bit is left to the finish of the thirty-seventh Dakar Rally. In the truck category the bit is only 393 out of the total length of 8,159 kilometres. This includes the last measured section in the length of 174 km. This last race should not decide about the final ranking any more. But nevertheless, Dakar only ends with the podium ceremony in Buenos Aires. Tonight we will therefore already know the winner and the final rank of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team in the most difficult long-distance race of the world.

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