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Luboš Veselý - 23.10.2017

TATRA Phoenix 2.0 Facing Its Premiere at Dakar

TATRA Phoenix 2.0  Facing Its Premiere at Dakar

The off-road track at Milovice was exceptionally busy in the past couple of days. The reason was a three-day testing by the TATRA Buggyra Racing team headed by Martin Kolomý. This was the last testing before the technology departure for boarding in the French harbour Le Havre.

“At this moment I can only say that the number one of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team at the coming Dakar Rally will be Martin Kolomý. The composition of his and the other crew is still under negotiation. We will publish our final decision at the traditional press conference before the departure of the technology for embarking on 20 November,” said Jan Kalivoda, the manager of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team, after the test at Milovice.


For Martin Kolomý this was his first ride since the July Silk Way Rally, after which he focused on restoration of his physical condition and psychic readiness for the demanding packing process. “Silk Way was a big test for us. After data evaluation we made several changes and after this weekend I can say they were certainly for the better,“ was Kolomý´s comment on the innovations of Phoenix. His plans are to touch the Bedouin statuette this season after all. “I know the competition will be hard again, but we have confirmed several times before that we are able to struggle for reaching the top ranks. If all works as expected then I do not see this any unrealistic goal,“ added the winner of several Dakar stages.


The final testing also appeared satisfactory for the chief constructor of the Roudnice team David Vršecký. “Phoenix has undergone substantial changes since the last Dakar, and so I can say that the jubilee 40th edition will be the premiere of TATRA Phoenix version 2.0. Silk Way Rally, described by Martin as so far the most difficult test of the technology and the crew, was great help for us. At Milovice we tested new parts in a real live mode,“ commented Vršecký on the development. This man faced questions in the past days whether it would be him that would grasp the steering wheel of the second race truck. “I can say for certain already that it will not be me. My healthy problems will not allow me to become the second Tatra Phoenix pilot. You know, rally is something much different from circuits,“ he added.

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