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Luboš Veselý - 05.01.2019

Tatra Trucks Are Ready, Reports Kolomý and Šoltys from Lima

Tatra Trucks Are Ready, Reports Kolomý and Šoltys from Lima

Both crews of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team headed by Martin Kolomý underwent the last test before start of 41th edition of Dakar Rally. The main subject of the test was technology exposed to the risky transport from Europe.


“We chose the same testing place as last year. We are about 60 kilometres from Lima. We know this place and the pilots like it here, so we did not think up anything new, and in addition more teams come here to test like we do,” said the team manager Jan Kalivoda about the testing venue selection.


Martin Kolomý was satisfied with his last “test drive” and looks forward to the first “live” kilometres. “The sun was hot and the sand was soft, so we tried various settings. Tatra worked without problems so we have to believe that the same will be true throughout the race,“ was Martin Kolomý´s view of the testing. “We have made a couple of changes on the truck since last year. New electric bundles, a different engine setting, Tatra company has made replacement axles for us but the race will certainly bring unexpected things and we will have to respond as they emerge,“ added Kolomý, who is heading towards his jubilee 10th Dakar start.


The crew of Martin Šoltys will go through the 41th Dakar with one “staff” change. The experienced matador Josef Kalina is be replaced by David Schovánek. “I do not think it will be any problem. We have already participated in a Tunis race together and everything worked as expected, so I do not see why things should be different here,“ commented Martin Šoltys on the change in his team. “The test went out OK. We made about four laps here. We agreed on some more things in the cab concerning communication, the truck worked absolutely and so I am satisfied. I am already looking forward to the live race,“ said the twelfth best man of last Dakar.


On Friday late afternoon the Tatra Buggyra Racing team together with other Czech participants of the Dakar Rally visited the Czech Embassy in Lima, where they were personally welcomed by Ambassador Pavel Bechný. “A nice variegation before the start of the rally. We were here last year too and it was a pleasant meeting,“ revealed Jan Kalivoda.


Today´s programme will include administrative and technical acceptance inspections and tomorrow the ceremonial opening podium.

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