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Technology Home from Dakar

Technology Home from Dakar

The Buggyra Technology Centre welcomed all technology from Dakar Rally 2014. Thus this year ´s extreme race definitely became the past.

The racing special Tatra 815 Buggyra with the complete technological background arrived in the French harbour Le Havre at the end of last week. Immediately after arrival the team members collected it and transferred to the Czech Republic. On the way they managed a visit at one of the major business partners - the Hutchinson company. "The company possesses extensive experience from the military environment and is globally number one in its field of specialisation. We purchase from it special wheel rims able to resist the extreme stress and hard conditions of Dakar," reminded the technical director of Buggyra Robin Dolejš, who personally introduced the race truck to the company from the technological point of view.

The truck of pilot Martin Kolomý, deployed at Dakar with new revolutionary components and technologies, will now undergo complex repairs and renewals for the testing programme and preparations for the next year of the most difficult long-distance race to begin as soon as possible. the team has collected a  lot of new valuable data which it plans to make maximum use of and prepare not only the technology but also logistics and strategy for the next year. "If we want to fight for the top ranks next year, we must start with systematic preparation now. Thanks to the problems we had to face this year we know what to concentrate on in the first place,“ said Robin.

Before the trucks came home the whole team was surprised by a story connected with the arrival of the ship with their truck from the South American Valparaíso to the French Le Havre. The reserve wheels of one of the competitor trucks returning from the rally contained 1.4 tonnes of coke discovered by French customs officers. "I see that while we were busy with the stages some did not come to race at Dakar,“ expressed his surprise the pilot Martin Kolomý.

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