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Technology Thwarts Chances!

Technology Thwarts Chances!

The chances of David Vršecký to score in the opening cup race at Jarama circuit were thwarted after mere five laps. Ellen Lohr ranked twelfth in her first performance in Buggyra colours.

David started from the third row and ranked seventh after the first lap. "To tell the truth I do not know what happened. I started normally but in the "S" curve in front of the main tribune I nearly left the track and Bösiger and Lacko overtook me," described David the opening of the race. In the following laps he reduced the advantage of the two Renaults until the fifth lap. "A blow and the truck stopped. Probably the cardan," estimated David immediately after the race. On the other hand the opening performance of Ellen Lohr was very good. The German female pilot ranked twelfth. "The truck and I are becoming used to one another. I think it will be good," was her brief comment in the finish.

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