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Petr Bosnakov - 12.11.2021

Téo Calvet as a wild card? Why not!

Young guns are just always busy. After the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series testing at Circuit De Fontenay – Le – Comte, Aliyyah Koloc and Téo Calvet flew straight to Dubai, where the Buggyra Academy stars are going to join the testing team.


Téo Calvet as a wild card? Why not!

While Aliyyah’s schedule is going according to plan, Téo went home to France to jump in for medically indisposed Yasmeen Koloc. “He’s giving racing everything, and I believe that he’s going to reap the rewards. All we had to do was to call. Without any explanation he just asked where and when he is supposed to be,” says the Buggyra team principal Martin Koloc, who admires such attitude. “Unless something unexpected happens, he’s going to race in the Rally Hail in Saudia Arabia at the beginning of December.”


The new French truck racing champion had no issues readjusting his schedule for the team. “I can’t even imagine turning away an offer to test the European NASCAR series cars. When they called me that Yasmeen has problems with her back, I just packed my stuff and went there,” explains Téo, who is now ready for intensive testing of the Tatra special. “I did some mileage in a Dakar truck before, and it felt great. Sure, circuit racing is something different, but every kilometre behind the wheel of a racing special is useful. I haven’t raced in the desert before, but there is a first time for everything.”


With the upcoming winter programme that might see Téo Calvet turning into a rally-style driver, it makes sense to ask one important question – whether he is thinking about trying Dakar Rally and to support Ignacio Casale as a wild card. “Well, I know he’s willing to try anything. Right now, it’s like – never say never – and if you really want something, anything is possible,” said the Buggyra’s head of communication Jan Kalivoda.

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