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Petr Bošnakov - 03.06.2020

Téo Calvet is working on a simulator and believes in testing

As the French government is easing the COVID-19 restrictions, management of Buggyra Racing team has good a reason to be happy. Now, there is nothing standing in Téo Calvet’s way to take part in testing at the Most circuit, which is planned for the 2nd week in June. And according to Robin Dolejš, who works as a race engineer, the young French will driver a Buggyra VK50 special.


Téo Calvet is working on a simulator and believes in testing

“We’re constantly in touch. Téo has worked hard on his English and in case there is any sort of a language barrier, Aliyyah or Yasmeen can help. Both Koloc’s girls speak brilliantly French,” said Dolejš, who also admire his professionalism. “Téo is walking hard on a simulator and he is not annoyed by it at all. He pretty much knows the new Buggyra by heart. Just yesterday, we were talking about Adam’s data from the last testing,” he added.


„The young Calvet is very responsible. He has experience from a French championship, where you can learn a lot. Also, he knows that he is not going to be under pressure because of the results. However, he’s capable of finishing in the TOP 10, he can get used to the truck quickly,” said David Vršecký.


Despite it would not be a big issue to bring the truck to France, it is much more likely that Téo is going to test in the Czech Republic. “It would probably be possible at Nogaro, but that is only on the French championship’s calendar. Also, if we were to test in France, we would have to move not just our technical side, but also mechanics. Also, every test that we can do at the Most circuit is going to help them and we want to do that as its management has helped us so much,” said Robin Dolejš.

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