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Petr Bosnakov - 07.06.2021

Téo came, saw and conquered every race! Aliyyah dominated in the young drivers’ category!

This past weekend, the Buggyra Academy drivers Aliyyah Koloc and Téo Calvet started the new truck racing season at Charade in France. And as the title suggests, the opening race weekend of the season exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.


Téo came, saw and conquered every race! Aliyyah dominated in the young drivers’ category!

Despite the team boss Martin Koloc is usually very reserved in his evaluation of the drivers, this time, he had nothing but praise for them. “Sometimes it’s not about victories, but about the way, the victory was achieved. Despite Téo is our French championship contender, we saw Charade as the first real test of our drivers and vehicles. In this case, Anthony Janiec, who was always in 2nd place, is amongst the most experienced European championship drivers with many podiums under his belt, but this time, he did not get a chance. Four wins in Charade in a single weekend, that hasn’t happened before,” said the two-time European champion.“After Charade, Téo finds himself in a great company of winners like Körber, Bösiger and Lacko, Buggyra champions who managed not to lose a single point during a race weekend.”


Téo Calvet is obviously happy about leaving Charade unbeaten and that he joins an elite company of drivers, but he remains calm about it. “It’s nice to talk about a weekend where I’ve won everything possible. On the other hand, David Vršecký always says that the most important thing is how you feel about your performance. And I felt that I still have some reserves. I’m very curious about the data analysis, but now, I need to focus on Hungaroring,“ says the current leader of European’s oldest national championship. 


But it was not just about Téo. Aliyyah Koloc, the 16-year-old, had also a successful weekend, finishing in TOP 5 in every race and adding a podium on Saturday, in the overall ranking is on 3rd place. In the young drivers’ category, she took three wins and one 2nd place finish. And she also easily beaten Jennifer Janiec from the European championship. “Maybe, I’m a bit biased, but I have nothing bad to say about Aliyyah. Despite circuit racing is totally different, in a way we’re already preparing for Dakar, where the most important thing is to actually finish and to keep building momentum. The most important thing though is, that she enjoys it, despite everything she’s had to do so far this year,” said a happy father and a team boss, who sees the French championship as a way for Téo and Aliyyah to gain more experience. “But nobody minds victories. We have a base in Nogaro and it seems like we’ll have to look for a trophy room soon. We spoke with Fabin Calvet. At the end of the last century, we didn’t give each other any room on the track. And now? We’re celebrating the successes of our children.”


And Aliyyah, the 3rd best driver in the French championship, really enjoyed Charade. “Everyone around has really taken care of me, and they enjoy my results, and I’m happy that they’re happy. I need to feel that I’m among people who like me, that motivates me. And just like Téo, I’m also looking forward to Hungary.”


Due to the COVID restrictions, last year’s French championship had only one race at Nogaro. Due to that, there is a double series 2020-2021 this year, while last year’s event at Nogaro, where Aliyyah Koloc took a sensational victory, is a part of it.

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