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Petr Bosnakov - 27.11.2020

Testing exceeded expectations

The final days before the vehicles make their way to Saudi Arabia, the Tatra Buggyra Racing and Zero Mileage Racing drivers tested them in Poland and Ledčice. And the team is happy with the results of the last run before Dakar.


Testing exceeded expectations

The 5-time winner in the quad category Josef Macháček was full of excitement. “It’s unbelievable how far David Vršecký and his team have managed to get. I’ve noticed an exceptional improvement especially in the area of widening and extending the geometry. It’s incomparable to a vehicle that I drove in January at Dakar. While the competition has a five-year advantage, we’ve managed to take away so much from it and in a record time,” said the Dakar veteran about his new CanAm special “I can’t wait to go to Emirates, where I’ll be working with Tomáš Enge on practicing in the dunes with testing vehicles,” he added and also said that he is not worried about the only Czech to ever race in Formula 1. “Tomáš is a racing driver in body and soul. He just needs to adjust to Dakar, which is not about asphalt, but dunes with holes and other obstacles on the route. And that there is usually not a good road behind the horizon. In short, he just needs to learn how to suppress the typical racing ego.”


And Tomáš Enge promises to do his best. “When a driver like Josef says something like that, there’s nothing more to add. Anyway, it’s him who is going to manage me and Markéta in Dubai. In Spring, I was testing the old vehicle in Milovice and the new CanAm is somewhere else, by at least 10 levels.”


The testing also involved Tatra Phoenix trucks and the automatic gearbox, which fulfilled Martin Šoltys‘ expectations. “I’m not big on praising and boasting too much, but this is a huge step forward. I’m going to save so much physical and mental energy, as the automatic gearbox will do so many things for me. I just need to learn how to work with a throttle a bit more, and to use higher revs, but I’m happy to do that.” And he is also more than happy about his new teammate Ignacio Casale. “He’s a three-time Dakar winner. Is there anything more to say? He’s very likeable and he has racing in his veins.”

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