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Testing in Brno revealed a lot of information...

From Monday to Wednesday, the Buggyra Racing team was testing at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno. The object of the three-day test was Mercedes AMG - GT4, the role of test drivers was taken by sisters Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc alongside David Vršecký.


Testing in Brno revealed a lot of information...

As the headline suggests, David Vršecký and race engineer Petr Hadaščok will have their fun in the coming days. "We've come for data, we're taking a lot of it, both from the dry, wet and drying circuit, and from three drivers with slightly different driving styles. Now we will have to dig through it all and gradually get as close to the ideal as possible," said David Vršecký. "In addition, it was confirmed that this is almost the perfect circuit for teaching the girls. On Monday, in agreement with Martin Koloc, we threw them into the water a bit, it was fun at first, they both fought it bravely. Then we had a few words to say about it, it was getting better every day. For how complicated the Masaryk circuit is, it turned out well in the end."

"I have never raced or tested on such a circuit before. I was used to the straight - brake - corner - acceleration system, in Brno the brakes are stretched to the middle of the corner. Anyway, the car is great, it supports the driver in an emergency," said Aliyyah, while Yasmeen enjoyed the different surfaces in addition to the new racing rhythm. "Nice ride, although I don't really like the wet. David explained that the grip on the tyres has to be spread between braking and cornering, he gave us a nice demonstration. By Wednesday, I was clear on that. Or at least I think so."

Alongside the race special set-up, a lot of attention was paid to the tyres. "We tried to find the optimum tyre pressure and temperature and confront the findings with the set-up. We assumed that the potential of a new tyre can be maximised in the first two laps, so if we don't get the ideal pressure and temperature, we won't get the most out of the car. It took us a while, but I'd almost bet that we got it right in the end," added David Vršecký. 


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