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Thank you very much, we keep going…

On Sunday, the team will head to Saudi Arabia to start the Dakar Rally 2021 journey. Also, it marks the end of 2020, which has proven that sometimes things do not go according to plans and visions.


Thank you very much, we keep going…

I do not want to hear about COVID-19 anymore. That is why I mostly avoid television these days. Most teams probably went through the illness during the last Dakar in January, and I do not want it to be part of my life anymore. And to be honest, I do not have the time as well.


Anyway, it has been proven, that bad thing can lead to a good one. We have seen that what does not kill us, actually makes us stronger and even when a person thinks that they cannot go any further, they always can push a bit more. I am a proud member of a team that has shown incredible flexibility this year and have managed to push boundaries even more during these tough times. And I have partners around me that believe in what we do! That makes me a very happy person.

But you need to help it sometimes and you need to be ready for that. Sometimes, it is a bit crazy, but life is about challenges and I still very much enjoy them. So, big thanks to everyone for everything. We are staying safe and we keep going, with the throttle pedal to the floor…


Stay loyal to us…


Martin Koloc (Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team principal)

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