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The 2020 season is getting underway, and it will rewrite history

After a successful weekend for a veteran Josef Macháček in Germany, the upcoming race weekend in Grobnik, Croatia will be all about young guns. The starting grid of the opening round of the ESET V4 Cup series is set to feature the youngest Buggyra drivers. While Aliyyah Koloc will start in a Renault Clio Cup series, Yasmeen Koloc is going to race with a Tatuus F4 special. And Michal Makeš is preparing with a Cupra Leon car for a TCR category.


The 2020 season is getting underway, and it will rewrite history

Every kilometre counts

“We race in ESET Cup as a part of our Buggyra Academy programme. The goal is clear, girls must do as many race kilometres as possible,” said Tomáš Enge, a mentor of the Buggyra Academy. “On one side, it’s the perfect preparation for Aliyyah and Yasmeen. On the other hand, these races look also good on a CV even for more experienced drivers like Michal Makeš. While we don’t have too many expectations, in case we win everything, I won’t be mad,” added Tomáš with laughter. 


All wheels on the ground

“We’ll race at Grobnik in the TCR Eastern Europe series. It’s our first race with a new car, so we just aim to learn and gain as much data as possible during the race,” said Jiří Mičánek, a Mičánek Motorsport team manager, about the team’s goals. “We’ve done some testing with a TCR car. We’re happy with the results, but racing is racing. Michal is a fast driver, so even if we try to keep both feet on the ground, we don’t want to rule out a potential podium result,” he added.


There are no easy races

And once again, Buggyra is set to rewrite the history at Grobnik. It has never happened before, or it is not known, that there would be two sisters racing for the same team. Especially not 16-year-old twins! “I really can’t wait! The truck testing at Nogaro was really tough. But Tomáš told me that there’s nothing like easy races,” said Aliyyah, who managed to break top speed world records on 500 metres with a standing and a rolling start. Yasmeen has a simple strategy for the race. “I’ll be listening to Tomáš. I don’t think that many girls in the world would have a mentor who won at Le Mans and has experience from Formula 1 and Indianapolis 500.”

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