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Petr Bosnakov - 06.11.2020

The 2020 Truck Racing season without a champion, Buggyra is looking for solution

While the truckers raced in five events in this COVID-affected season, only two of them were part of the European Truck Racing season. After cancelling the scheduled events at Le Mans and Misano, the FIA has decided not to award the 2020 European championship title.


The 2020 Truck Racing season without a champion, Buggyra is looking for solution

Adam Lacko, who is currently sitting in 2nd place in the championship, has no problem with the ruling of the FIA. “The most important thing was that we were able to race at all. In Autumn, I was actually able to do my normal share of racing. I didn’t miss a single podium at Most, Nogaro, Zolder, Jarama and Hungaroring. And I have a record number of wins,” said Adam who understands the decision of the FIA. “It wouldn’t be probably fair towards past champions or even me, to award the championship title after just two races.”


“We were expecting that a bit, and we switched to a Dakar mode anyway,” added David Vršecký, who still thinks that even this season has some added value. “Based on our results from difficult circuits, we are now certain that we’ve managed to build a great vehicle. We have lots of data, so there will be some work to do. And considering what’s going on around, I think it’s logical to make such a decision.”


The team boss Martin Koloc is glad that the Buggyra Academy drivers got a chance to debut in such a difficult situation. “We threw them into the water, and they swam. Téo Calvet proved to be an exceptionally talented driver with a potential to become the champion in the future. Aliyyah brought home points from every race and she won at Nogaro. That’s something we didn’t even dream of before the season. Adam is right that nobody can take away those trophies and experience.” 


“You can’t blame anybody. We’re in difficult times and you don’t have any past experience of anything like this. Yet, we’re working on a solution that might help in the future and we’re close to finishing that. But I don’t want to say anything more at the moment,” said the team manager Jan Kalivoda. 

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