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The Chain is not Broken. Buggyra Has Another Victory

The Chain is not Broken. Buggyra Has Another Victory

In the second Saturday race David Vršecký managed to win and thus Buggyra achieved the fourth victory in this season. Adam Lacko unfortunately paid for the mess in the first curve and eventually ranked sixth. But the efforts of both of them put together resulted in a victory in the Constructors´ Cup.

The second, handicap race was started by the first eight ranking pilots in the reverse order. David Vršecký thus started from the third starting position while Adam Lacko took the fifth position.

After start Markus Bösiger began to make his way forward, which was utilized by David Vršecký for getting to the second rank after the domestic pilot Altenstrasser. On the other hand Bösiger closed the way forward to Adam Lacko in the first part of the race, who thus dropped to the seventh rank. Markus Altenstrasser held the whole starting field behind him for the whole first part of the race. Then the Czech pilot attacked him in the first curve of the Austrian circuit and the domestic pilot began to lose one rank after another. Vršecký thus took the lead, with the quickest pilots Albacete and Kiss behind his back. The Buggyra pilot resisted their pressure for the whole ten laps and eventually crossed the finish line as the first.

"This was a drama from start to finish. It was more difficult to defend the lead in front of the whole fast train behind me than to actually get there. But all was managed excellently and I am really enthusiastic about this result after the Friday trouble,“ said the shining Vršecký after the race.

Lacko spent twenty laps following Markus Bösiger, who had closed him in the first curve. The two of them together overtook the outbalanced Altenstrasser, and thus Adam occupied the sixth rank. But he did not find any recipe for overtaking the Swiss pilot.

"Unfortunately, Bösiger closed me in after start and I could not do anything. The truck worked well but this oval makes it hard to overtake. I am glad I helped the team win the Constructors´ Cup,“ sad Lacko after the race.

The score for the first and the sixth rank assured victory for Buggyra in the Constructors´ Cup. This result holds the Czech team on the second rank in the overall ranking.

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