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The Main Thing is we Are Alive!

The Main Thing is we Are Alive!

As we have already informed, this year ´s Rally Dakar ended for the crew of Marek Spáčil with Vršecký as the co-pilot in the very second section of the race. A couple of minutes ago we obtained a statement of David Vršecký describing the fatal moment.

"I was immediately aware that something was happening. Until the collision we drove neatly and quickly, but nevertheless relatively safely. We entered the dangerous “S” curve more quickly than we should but before I could react Marek reported on the intercom that the truck was riding by itself, out of his control. Then the progress of things was already very quick. I have already experienced many collisions, but two loops in succession were not among them yet. I cannot interfere with the driving as the co-pilot but with me at the steering wheel the progress would be absolutely identical. A quick reaction and experience are able to divert many problems but when the accelerator gets stuck at a critical moment you cannot do anything despite all the experience and efforts. This is the reality and however sad I am now, I am glad in the first place that we are all alive."

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