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Petr Bosnakov - 17.08.2021

The number of 2021 EP tractor events has not been finalised

Although the race at the Nürburgring, which was to feature the first-ever three races in one day format in the history of truck racing, has been cancelled due to the devastating floods in the Rhineland-Palatinate, it cannot be ruled out that a new event will enrich the schedule.


The number of 2021 EP tractor events has not been finalised

After the Hungaroring, Most (28-29 Aug), Zolder (11-12 Sep), Le Mans (25-26 Sep), Jarama (2-3 Oct) and Misano (16-17 Oct) remain on the calendar. Although the number of six races seems sufficient to announce the overall results, the championship promoter, ETRA Promotion GmbH, does not rule out an additional stop. "For the time being, it is at the stage of a good idea, which ETRA and the FIA intend to address. It is therefore premature to specify anything at this point, but a seventh race in this year's championship cannot be completely ruled out," explains Buggyra's Head of communications Jan Kalivoda. "In any case, the fact that the promoter did not drop the proposal, which does bring some date complications, right off the table speaks of the maximum effort to maintain the high prestige of the championship." Apparently, the possible venue has not yet been decided, but the originally planned Nürburgring seems unrealistic. "Aliyyah put it very well. Truck racing is about the show, the fun, the adrenaline, so we can't imagine the local fans going to the races this year after all they've been through." 

According to team principal Martin Koloc, Buggyra has not the slightest problem with a possible extra race. "But that's all I can say. We will concentrate on the Dakar, Aliyyah and Téo will do the French championship, but we are flexible in that respect." 

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