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The Silver Vršecký

The Silver Vršecký

In the handicap race David Vršecký broke the series of adversities of his destiny and eventually ranked second behind Jochen Hahn after a very decent performance. Uwe Nittel held scored positions for most of the race but had to retire for technical reasons one lap before the finish.

Immediately after start David had to fight back a vigorous attack of Adam Lacko but eventually defended his third rank. In the fifth lap he overtook his teammate Uwe Nittel to obtain the second ranking. “I must say Uwe was a difficult obstacle to overcome. When I heard in my earphones that Jochen ´s advantage was about eight seconds I decided to concentrate on keeping the second rank," described David the first half of the race. In the second half he had to fight back attacks of Lacko, Bösiger and Östreich. The latter caused him the greatest trouble. "In his case you can never tell what his current temper is. But I was determined to defend the silver rank at any cost.” David fulfilled his intention by the silver end of the race and expressed sincere happiness with the cup. “We badly needed a success like this. You see, when things work we are strong racers.”

Unfortunately, things worked for mere two thirds of the race for Uwe Nittel. "I ranked second, third, fifth… and suddenly my truck stopped going. As if the engine lacked lubrication. I had to resign,” said Uwe. “On the other hand, Janiec did not score either and so I reduced his advantage by two points today. We will see tomorrow,” he said.

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