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Luboš Veselý - 07.01.2018

The TATRA Buggyra Racing Team Enters Jubilee 40th Dakar Rally Carefully

The TATRA Buggyra Racing Team Enters Jubilee 40th Dakar Rally Carefully

The very first stage of the Dakar Rally was a 100% test of all pilots and even tortured some of the favourites. The first Peruvian sand dunes also added wrinkles to the foreheads of the crews of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team. Pilot number one, Martin Kolomý, developed a small loss at the beginning, caught by one of the dunes. Martin Šoltys had to seek help of the team quick assistance.


Even though Martin Kolomý started the first stage in a rocket speed and won the crowds of fans by his first leap, he buried his truck when passing over one of the dunes and developed a small loss. “The opening stage was wonderful from the very beginning with beautiful leaps. Only once we were trapped after one leap over a dune where we buried ourselves a little. We lost something there but it is only the beginning of the race. I hope beautiful stages like this one will continue and we will be able to make up for the small starting loss,” was Martin Kolomý´s view of the opening stage. “I am so glad that my Tatra worked without the slightest problems and I hope this will hold as long as possible, ideally till the finish,” he added.


The crew of Martin Šoltys paid the newcomer tax and was buried in the dunes as well. “It was difficult. After about one kilometre after start we passed a crashed car and the organizers directed us towards a steep edge where we got buried and had to wait for somebody to pull us out,” said Martin Šoltys, finally helped by the quick assistance provided by the Adria team. “After that we continued quite well, except for one mistake in navigation about in the middle of the race where we had to make a U-turn for the road we chose suddenly ended. But we are alive and healthy in the finish and that is a small personal victory for me,“ added the newcomer to Dakar.


The venue of the Dakar Rally was also visited by the current European circuit champion Adam Lacko. “I soiled my sneakers immediately after getting out of the car, so I am not too happy,“ began the native of Čeladná with a smile on his lips. “In the morning, immediately when our plane landed, we drove to the start, without taking any nap. And tomorrow we will apparently have to get up at 2 am, so the outlook is really nice. But the first impressions are pleasant indeed. I am in a Dakar bivouac for the first time in my life and I wonder how it works over here. I was asked whether next year I will also grasp the steering wheel of a Tatra but so far I think I will retain the role of a spectator,” added Lacko.


The second stage, already a standard one, routed around the city of Pisco and 278 kilometres long, will again offer the pilots the treacherous terrain of sand dunes. 

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