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Milan Bydžovský - 08.01.2020

The toughest stage ever for Šoltys, Macháček was helping a biker

The toughest stage ever for Šoltys, Macháček was helping a biker

Another ruthless day for Buggyra Racing crews as they once again struggled with the tyres. Michal Šoltys currently holds the 9th place in the standings. Josef Macháček had managed to get into the TOP 10, but then he stopped to help a biker.


The 4th stage of the Dakar Rally did not disappoint and has completely shuffled the standings. Šoltys, Schovánek and Šikola managed to do the 14th fastest time in the Truck category, despite they had to deal with a tyre burst on their Tatra.


“Today, it was really long and tough. Probably the toughest stage, I’ve ever done. Again, so many rocks and we had to change a tyre. I have no idea how the guys ahead could go so fast because the hits are awful. We took it really hard a few times, we took some heavy beating. But the Tatra holds well. We have a problem with one bellow, but we’re going to fix that now and we can continue. But now, I can’t wait to get to bed,” said the Tatra Buggyra Racing team driver.


It was not any easier for Josef Macháček and Vlastimil Tošenovský. They had a very good opening part, as they moved in the TOP 10 halfway through the stage, but then they had to stop twice to change the tyres. After that, they slowed down as they ran out of reserve tyres. And in the end, they also stopped to help a biker and they had to finish the stage in the night once again.


“It was crazy today. So many cars are still on the track because of the punctures. We also had to change two tyres and we were praying to make it to the end. Then, we stopped at one biker. We called for a helicopter, but they were not in the air anymore. We spent quite a lot of time with him and we had to drive to the end in the dark, which was another hell,” said the Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS driver.


There won’t be any break for Dakar on Thursday. Drivers will face a 563-kilometre long route in Saudia Arabia, out of which 353 kilometres will be timed. The crews are also going to race in the first real dunes that will take more than 40% of this stage.

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