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Petr Bosnakov - 07.10.2021

The young guns are getting better and better!

Somewhat overshadowed by the battle for the title was the historic achievement in Jarama, when all three drivers - Adam Lacko, Téo Calvet and Aliyyah Koloc - scored points for the first time in the Buggyra trucks in the European Truck Championship. The last time a similar feat was achieved by Martin Koloc's team in 2004.


The young guns are getting better and better!

It must be said, however, that the Buggyra tribal line-up back then consisted of Ludovic Faure and David Vršecký in the Super Race Truck class, with Antonio Albacete of Team Cepsa piloting the third Buggyra. "And the year before, David won at Nürburgring, followed by Gerd and Antonio, but this is the past and Buggyra is living in the present and especially the near future," said the team principal, who is particularly pleased with the success of the Buggyra Academy concept. "What we have started, despite all the doubts of various experts, has proved to be very viable, and the examples are pulling. Every member of the Buggyra Academy can say, if they can do it, so can we." While Adam and Téo's points are a given, the first super pole and ninth place finish by 17-year-old Aliyah Koloc rewrote the history of truckracing. "At the beginning of the season, David and I agreed that in her case the season would be about mileage, if there are points it will be good, if not, life goes on and there is plenty of time. Of course, from my position as a father, I am slightly biased to the point of being biased, but just being in the superpole was a great achievement in a field of four European champions. Especially when she had to wait an extra two hours for the next race. That's not the way it's taken by smart guys like Adam, Jochen, Antonio, Norbert, otherwise a seventeen-year-old girl."


In the aforementioned 2004, three European champions took points at the Buggyras, the question is whether the team can repeat something similar in the near future? "I wouldn't be too optimistic. Téo may have winning potential, but he will have to wait for the eventual title. In David's case, the waiting process took seven years. Aliyyah has tried I think six different race cars this year, so we'll see what direction her racing career takes next," says Martin Koloc.


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