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There is Always Something to Improve!

There is Always Something to Improve!

This is exactly the opinion held by European Champion of 2007 Markus Bösiger. The Swiss trucker in the Buggyra colours at the same time rejects the assumption that less attention is being paid to testing before the coming season in comparison to the past years!

Markus says that one thing has been forgotten, and that is that the first testing for 2009 season was already held after the race in Le Mans. "It was already clear that Buggyra would win the overall first and second rank and so immediately after the race, on Monday, we tested components for the next season," confirmed Markus over the phone, adding that he could not complain of lack of work himself. "I have been in contact with Mario Kress almost every day, tuning up details. As the championship will begin in Assen as late as in early May, there is enough time for more testing." Despite the overwhelming dominance of Buggyra in the past two European truck racing championships there is always something to improve, using Markus´ own words. "Every year reveals a problem which makes life rather complicated to us. In 2007 season David was troubled by his servo drive booster, and I by the life of my transmissions. Last year I had trouble with electronics in two of the races. The greatest strength of Buggyra, in my opinion, is in paying sufficient attention to these very details," explained Markus, who positively denied the view that an extended dominance of one team might harm attractiveness of the championship. "It is a little of a stock refrain. I cannot think that my and David ´s duels in Zolder or in Le Mans lacked attractiveness. I do not remember a time practice n which two truck would achieve an absolutely exact time, like I and David managed to do in Le Mans. Truck racing is like any other business. The current tops represent the driving force for those who what to be equal." And those who will want to be equal will be many this year again, is the opinion of Markus Bösiger. "I do not believe to the “guaranteed” rumours about our overwhelming dominance, and even less to the statement that it might harm the championship. If there are any such rumours, then they are part of the “lull” tactics. The coming championship will be very hard for us."

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