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There is Never Enough Success!

There is Never Enough Success!

A press conference of the Buggyra International Racing System Team was held in the Theatro restaurant in the Karlín theatre in the morning of 29 April. After a bombastic opening in the form of a dynamic survey of the best of the past season the press conference of the leading truck racing team of the recent seasons was opened by the sports speaker of TV Nova Martin Pouva.

As he said in the beginning, last year ´s excellent results (the first two ranks in the individual championship and the victory in the Constructors´ Cup) represent a scourge for the Czech team. The team manager Jan Kalivora came back with the reply in the sense of “there is never enough success”. In addition none of the Race Truck class Buggyras has for example ever defeated the greatest rival Antonio Albacete at his domestic race track in Jarama, Spain. As this year ´s conference was a little untraditional, the speaker ´s table was shared by four members of the team management. While Honza Kalivoda suggested that if the team managed to hold the numbers 1 and 2 at the start of the next season, he would not be against the reverse order, the current European champion David Vršecký said he was absolutely happy with the present state of affairs! And he was quite determined to do his best to keep it. Potential gain of the second champion title would make David equal to his discoverer and so far the best trucker of the Czech truck racing history Martin Koloc. "When I started my truck racing career a decade ago I wanted to get close to Martin, at least in some aspects. Now I have the title and the more you have, the more you want, as the well-known saying goes," said the Roudnice trucker. In addition to the again non-existent team strategy the journalists were also interested in the change of the truck racing rules. Unlike in the past years the cup race will take place immediately after the time practice and after the announcement of the results the truckers will again mount their race truck cabs to race for half the score of the first cup race with the first eight truckers in the reverse order at the start line. "I find this a very god idea from the marketing point of view. His Majesty the Spectator is entitled for the most dramatic spectacle we are able to offer," said Honza Kalivoda in reaction to the changed rules. David Vršecký´s reaction was considerably less enthusiastic. "The viewers will certainly enjoy themselves, and the pilots of the race trucks will not be bored either. There is always a big difference between the time of the first and the eighth rank, and it will certainly be amusing to see Markus, Antonio and I rush forward after the start and dodge among the slower trucks. I already feel sorry for the mechanics taking care of the plastics." The pair of engineers Kress – Dolejš also introduced the new racing specials for the 2009 season. For the first time in the team history the two truckers will drive different machines. "Markus as the more conservative member of the team is happy with what we have prepared after mutual agreement. David above all wished changes of the front axle. He is the European champion and we had to obey. Both truckers are happy now, which is the most important thing," said Mario Kress in conclusion.

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