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Petr Bosnakov - 23.02.2021

“There’s always something to improve on racing vehicles,” says Josef Macháček

Celebrations after getting the 6th trophy are over, and the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing Team is already working on improvements for the Can-Am special, that brought Josef Macháček to a victory in a T3 category.


“There’s always something to improve on racing vehicles,” says Josef Macháček

For that reason, several team members headed to Kopřivnice, including Josef Macháček, chief designer David Vršecký and race engineer Robin Dolejš. However, the most important person was Josef Ferenc, the owner of the FRT company, known for making shock absorbers for racing specials. “While it all went well at Dakar, the data showed a problem with shock absorbers and Mr. Ferenc is internationally well-known in this area,” said a six-time Dakar winner Josef Macháček.


“We leave for Saudi Arabia for testing in two weeks, and Josef came with an idea to test the shock absorbers at polygon at Kopřivnice, to go to the desert without any prior try out,” added David Vršecký. “Indeed, sludge and sand don’t go very well together, yet the first analysis shows that Josef was right, as always. Even Robert Kubica tested the same shock absorbers with a Can-Am before, and he’s also looking into making his debut at Dakar. We’ve also worked on the brakes, so we’ve saved some time on dunes as well.”


According to Josef Macháček, there is always something to improve on racing vehicles. “Of course, we’ve won something, but we’re still far away from finding the limits of this car. We just know that there’s a big potential, the time flies and in November, we’re shipping away for Dakar 2022. So, yes, there’s a lot of work to do.” 

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