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Petr Bosnakov - 15.12.2020

They said in 2020 (January – July)

In less than two weeks, the biggest ever Dakar team that the Buggyra Racing team has assembled will head to Saudi Arabia, to start the new year of racing. It is the perfect time to look back and look at a short recap of what the members of the Czech team said over the past 12 months.


They said in 2020 (January – July)

“I’d like to start by saying that I wasn’t forcing anything. Following data analysis, we decided to modify the VK50. We based it on the season that ended at Le Mans and Jarama, where we did well, and Adam even managed to beat Jochen. But when we put together all the necessary changes, we found out that there wasn’t much left from the original vehicle. Martin Koloc, as the boss, decided to rename the VK to the DV,” said David Vršecký in February about having his own racing truck.


“Through him, I’m going back to my beginnings in 1998. Téo is young, fast and hopeful. But the biggest difference is that while I was struggling with Sisu during my first year, that almost burned down at Nürburgring, Téo is going to have a top machinery thanks to Buggyra,“ said David Vršecký in March about acquiring Téo Calvet.


“It’s very interesting. When I heard that the winner has done over 400,000 kilometres on this circuit, I was shocked. Anyway, I’m all for entering the esports. When we were discussing it with Norbert Kiss, he started on simulators and then managed to win two European championship titles in truck racing,” said Adam Lacko in April, when he was following the Buggyra Zero Mileage GT Cup virtual races.


“My way is to guide them and discuss things with them, with me having a Veto. I used it a couple of times in the past, like when the girls wanted to play tennis while being injured. When it comes to racing, we didn’t need to have any discussions at all. They know that I know so much more, and they have a great relationship with David and Tomáš,” revealed Martin Koloc in May about a relationship and communications with his daughters Aliyyah and Yasmeen. 


“Usually, I don’t have a problem expressing my feelings. But when Aliyyah came to me and told me, that she wants to break world records on my birthday because I’m her best friend, it was tough for me to find words,” shared Martin Koloc in June, when his daughter managed to break two speed world records on 500 metres, with rolling and standing starts.


“Considering how big the vehicle is, it accelerated and brakes amazingly well. I was a bit nervous knowing that Aliyyah is right behind me. While she’s the fastest racing truck driver on the planet, I didn’t want to be lapped. Luckily, she’s a well-raised young lady,” said a two-time Formula 1 world champion and an Indianapolis 500 winners Emerson Fittipaldi in July, after testing Buggyra at Most.

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