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Third Rank for Buggyra and Vršecký ´s Belgian Hell

Third Rank for Buggyra and Vršecký ´s Belgian Hell

The Sunday warm-up and time practice were completed on a wet circuit, most fitting to Adam Lacko in the morning. He struggled for the pole position but was eventually overcome by Albacete and the Hungarian pilot Kiss. David Vršecký unfortunately continues to be tormented by his health problems, which was manifested by his performance, only resulting in he third row in the starting grid.

The circuit began to dry before start of the first Sunday cup race and despite the unfavourable weather the tribunes of the Belgian circuit began to fill with truck racing fans since the morning. Adam Lacko was delayed by Kiss in front of him after start, which was utilised by Hahn who got in front of the pilot of the white and pink Buggyra. David Vršecký did the same with Bösiger in front of him and moved to the fifth rank. David rode at the limits but was very exhausted, which was seen in the final part of the race when the sixth Bösiger continually attacked him.

"I feel better in the race for I do not think of it so much, but I am looking forward to the bed. Our line went forward after start and I made use of it. Then the only thing left was not to make a mistake,“ said the fifth ranking Vršecký.

Immediately after start the lead was taken by Norbert Kiss who began to develop an advantage over the rest of the field. The visibly slower Albacete held Hahn and Lacko behind his back by all his force. The trucks even got in contact several times but all pilots held their nerves and no serious crash resulted from this.

"It is a pity for the podium was really close today. All was still good after start but in the series of the left curves I was not able to defend my rank,“ regretted Lacko the loss of the bronze medal.

The pilots of the Czech Buggyra team collected eighteen score points, which meant the third rank in the constructors´ cup.

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