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This Season ´s Maximum Overcome

This Season ´s Maximum Overcome

The fifth rank was occupied in the handicap race by David Vršecký, who thus reached 31 score points at Albacete in sum for the two days of the racing weekend, overcoming his this year ´s maximum collected at Donington. Chris Levett finally ranked ninth.

This time the spectators were not bored at all. Antonio Albacete decided to secure the winners´ rostrum for himself at the last moment and thus plunged in the race like a tornado. Vršecký was the one who paid for his aggressiveness. “The start could have been better. But Antonio squeezed in with the go-ahead manner typical of him and I did not have many options on the outer lane if I did not want to get out of the track," described David the beginning of the race. Thus after start he found himself ranking sixth, to eventually win the fifth rank after several castling manoeuvres. I am happy with the scored points and see Albacete positively. I finished among the best five in every race and my truck did not fail. I hope for even a better result at Nogaro." Chris Levett held the second rank for several curves after start. But then he began to drop down through the starting field and eventually finished on the ninth rank.

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