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This Time Vršecký Victorious!

This Time Vršecký Victorious!

David Vršecký performed excellently in the second cup race of the day with the handicap. The triumph of Buggyras was underlined by the third ranking of Markus Bösiger!

David decided against the so far sovereign Albacete ´s double in Albacete by his excellent start from the third row moving him forward to the third ranking. Still before the end of the first round he overtook Vojtíšek driving in front of him and suddenly found himself on the second rank. "After my clash in Misano I was exceptionally careful when performing my overtaking manoeuvre,” said Vršecký, who managed to beat the leading Altenstrasser as soon as in the fourth round and without any major complications to end first with more than two-second advantage over the second Albacete. This was his second victory of this season in the handicap race. “I am absolutely satisfied, the ride was excellent. In addition I enjoyed a lot of adrenalin. I was troubled by Altenstrasser a little," said the victorious Vršecký after the finish. Thus he celebrated his third victory in Albacete. "During the day we did a lot of work changing the truck setting. Things should be even better tomorrow." For Markus Bösiger the race represented a much bigger adventure. Thanks to the confused Levett he dropped to the ninth ranking after the start and had to bite his way through the rest of the starting field. In the end he lost nearly 27 seconds behind the victorious David. "Really? I will have to do something about it," laughed Boesiger after the race, where he eventually ranked third. He was quite satisfied with that. "Like David even I was held back a lot by my duel with Altenstrasser, I was still fifth after the second round. Even though Antonio increased his score in relation to me, I must confirm, like David, that my truck worked better and better as the day progressed. And there is still another chance tomorrow." After the opening day of the racing weekend the final ranking is: Albacete (132), followed by Bösiger (111) and Vršecký (105).

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