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Too Much Smoke!

Too Much Smoke!

David Vršecký and Chris Levett have to fight against an unexpected enemy at the Nürburgring. According to the circuit commissioners the Buggyras again produce too much smoke!

"The extra strong green lobby in Germany has penetrated to truck racing as well. Our trucks smoke as much as at other circuit but what can you do,” said the team manager David Kalivoda after today ´s time practice. His annoyance was understandable. The excessive smoke was the reason why the quickest time of Chris Levett was cancelled and thus the Briton was left right behind the gate to the super field at 11th rank. “Our manager has said it for me. There is nothing you can do against the decisions of the jury. Tomorrow I have to defeat Janiec,” said Chris after the time practice. David Vršecký entered the super field of the quickest ten from 7th rank. He eventually defeated his position, losing a mere one thousandth of a second behind Bösiger who ranked sixth. “As could be expected, the forces were very balanced. The seven quickest pilots squeezed within a second,” commented David on his performance. “But I think we are up to more. In addition to the smoke we struggle for the ideal setting of the axle. I hope we will have resolved all the issues by tomorrow."

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