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Too Short!

Too Short!

Tomorrow is 7-year anniversary of David Vršecký´s surpassing the world speed record for 1 passing kilometre by race truck at the city circuit in Dubai. "Martin Koloc knew he had to end with Buggyra due to his health condition and therefore he wanted the imaginary cherry on top of the farewell cake.

Eventually he decided for the world speed record,” reveals David Vršecký today. "One day he told us, just as if by the way, that he had arranged everything in Dubai and that we should start preparing a new truck with nearly 2 000 HP after the end of the season." David ´s very first ride in the racing super special happened at the Panenský Týnec airport at the end of 2003. Even though the temperature was well below zero and the weather generally did not favour speed experiments, he easily managed to accelerate over 240 km/hr. Then the truck travelled in parts to the destination. “Then I rode it once again one morning. All was OK. We were only afraid of the sand in the surrounding dunes. If it got into the turbocharger we would have a real trouble,” remembers David. To follow the rules the attempt at breaking the world speed record had to consist of two rides from which the mean was to be calculated. David covered the first passing kilometre at 12.6 seconds, with the resulting average speed of 280,600 km/hr. "This was real good. To overcome the to-date record holder, an American, the speed around 240 km/hr sufficed. But we decided not to drive tactically. I covered the second kilometre at the mean speed of 284 km/hr. The final resulting mean was 281,723 km/hr. And I became a world speed record keeper overnight. It was nice. But too short, as far as I am concerned," maintained David with a smile.

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