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Track Looks Bombastic!

This is what the current European champion and double international champion of Germany in truck racing David Vršecký says about the modernised track of Nürburging. Unlike the previous racing weekends David, accompanied by Mario Kress, technical director of the team, arrived in the newly reconstructed shrine of European truck racing a couple of days ahead.

"Mario negotiates with German partners, I as the European champion have to be at hand,” explained David adding that he plans to spend the first day by a careful inspection of the track and its surroundings. "There is a talk about the financial crisis all around. Nürburging does not look like that at all, though. It shows that the local investors believe in the future of automotive sport". As for the track itself, nothing has changed for the drivers and the mechanics from the technical point of view. Despite that David believes that the race will be a little different than before. "All looks grand around here. It is like to play ice hockey at Litoměřice, or in the Madison Square Garden. Quality ice ring can be made today at Litoměřice as well as in New York. But the substantial difference in the atmosphere and the related pressure on the racers will still remain to be felt, though." David will join the work process already tomorrow, on the “press day”. On Friday the tension will increase. After the two free training rides the time practice will start. "We have done a lot of work after Barcelona in this respect. I hope Friday will show that," hoped David, who, like all truckers, was mainly troubled by the unpredictable weather. "It is windy and overcast now. But God knows what the weather will be like in ten minutes."

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