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Training Maximum!

Training Maximum!

David Vršecký has so far exceeded expectations at the Donington circuit. He made the third best lap time in the time practice, which is to date maximum for this season.

He suggested his chances in Britain this year in the second free training already, when he ranked third on the drying circuit. He then confirmed in the opening part of the time practice that this was no coincidence, getting to the super field with the second best lap time after Jochen Hahn only. “Satisfied so far, but the most difficult bit is yet to come," declared David before the start of the super field. Eventually his lap time was only improved by Antonio Albacete, which resulted in Vršecký´s maximum of the season in the form of the third rank. "I have already said that MAN people are holding their own championship, so this is to my maximum satisfaction. Now I need to confirm this in the race as well. I hope the circuit will be dry, weather permitting. Unfortunately, as for weather in England, you never know what it will be like in five minutes," added Vršecký after the super field practice.

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